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In Western Australia the Russian language is as one of the Interstate languages to receive WACE — The Western Australian Certificate of Education.

WACE — the Western Australian Certificate of Education. There are two options for passing the Russian language exam-both private Candidate and through our school. We can help your child prepare for the exam in any of these options. Regardless of the form of the exam, your child will receive a language bonus of 10% of the final evaluation for admission to the university.

What is the advantage of taking Russian language through school?

First, the final evaluation of our students consists of two components-a school (which is 50% of the final evaluation) and a graduation exam (50%). Doing well during the school year, the pupil reduces the possibility of failure in the exam. The final evaluation of a private candidate consists of 100% of the exam score, which creates additional stress during the exam.

Second, to take into account the Russian language when calculating ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), a school component is necessary. If the student was well engaged during the academic year and successfully passed the exam, the Russian language can get into the four best items needed to calculate the ATAR, and raise the ATAR. The result of the private candidate exam in calculating ATAR is not taken into account for lack of a school component.

The Russian school invites pupils of 11 and 12 grades to the group for preparation for examinations Wace on the Russian language. Due to the fact that the Russian language is delivered at the level of continuers, the necessary requisites for the entry of students to classes in the group Wace are good skills spoken and written Russian language and fast reading speed. The recording is being tested. The classes of Wace group will begin in the fourth quarter of this year next year. For students of grades 8, 9 and 10 we offer an entry to the preparatory group.