Perth Modern School, Mills Building, 90 Roberts Rd, Subiaco WA 6151

Speech therapy groups in 2021

Group speech therapy sessions for children 3-8 years with Elena McDonald.

Speech therapist Elena McDonald has extensive experience working with bilingual children in an English-speaking environment.

The lesson program is designed to take into account each bilingual child’s individual speech and language needs at the appropriate stage of his development.

The main goal of the lessons is to correct and optimize the development of the native language at all levels – phonetic, lexical, grammatical, and social – in the environment of another, dominant language.

The language and speech skills acquired in these classes help the child speak fluently and correctly in their native language and contribute to overall mental development, help to more successfully master the English language, and the development of communication skills in different language situations.

Class time: 10:30 and 11.30