Tuition Fees

Subjects # hoursFee for the term (payment before 15.08.19)Fee for the term (payment after 15.08.19)Fee for a lesson
Fees per Subject
Early Development1 hour$120$140$15
Russian Language2 hours$240$260$30
Russian Language for English-speaking2 hours$240$260$15
Mathematics1 hour$120$140$15
Fine Arts1 hour$120$140$15
WACE3 hours$340$360$45
Music1 hour$120$140$15
Combined Fees
Russian Language + Mathematics/Fine Arts/History3 hours$320$360N/A
Russian Language 2ч + 2ч Mathematics/Fine Arts/Music/History4 hours$410$480N/A
Early Development 1ч + 1ч Mathematics/Fine Arts/Music/History2 hours$220$260N/A
Early Development 1ч + 2ч Mathematics/Fine Arts/Music/History3 hours$320$360N/A