Russian School of Western Australia (Perth)

Preserve our language, our beautiful Russian languag-it is a treasure, 
it is our inheritance, left to us by our predecessors! 
Handle with respect this powerful weapon.

I. S. Turgenev

The Russian Educational and Cultural Centre of WA is a not-for-profitorganization. Its goal is to introduce Russian culture, including theRussian language, literature, history, science, music and art heritage to everyone who is willing to discover it.

All the teaching staff at our Centre is devoted to the development, care and education of our students.

We love sharing our knowledge of the Russian language and culture withour students.

Our school welcomes all learners. We are an inclusive community language school for all students regardless of their ability, religion or language background, knowledge or skill set.

Russian school operates on Saturdays at Perth Modern School – 90Roberts Rd, Subiaco, Mills buildings 8.30 to 12.30.

Our subjects are:

– Early childhood education: 1,5-5 years

– Speech therapist

– Russian language and literature. Groups from 5 years

– Preparation of high school students (11-12 classes) for exams in Russian as a foreign language (WACE)

– Russian language for English speaking children and adults (a group of beginners)

– Mathematics. Groups from 5 years

– Science for kids

– Fine art for all ages

– Handicrafts and design

– Club “Young Blogger”

– Coding (Python)

– Music. Individual piano lessons

– Chess club

– Yoga for adults

– Drama studio

Together we can preserve and develop the Russian language of our children, so they will be proud of their Russian heritage and culture, and pass it on to their children, and so on….

Our teachers love feedback and input from all parents, and any proposalsto improve our processes will be appreciated.

Together we will preserve the Russian language!