Perth Modern School, Mills Building, 90 Roberts Rd, Subiaco WA 6151

The strategy of our school is based on the following principles:

1. Partnership

Parents are direct participants of the educational process. Our school is a Saturday school, therefore family and homework play an important role in the educational process.

Parents’ opinions are very important to us. We appreciate any feedback.

We plan to discuss all our ideas and initiatives with the parents, and publish the decisions on our site afterwards. Many of our parents have been elected to the school council committee, therefore we hope that all together we will be able to make our school better.

2. Transparency

Our Centre is a not-for-profit organisation. All incoming money is spent on the current needs such as rent, stationary, teachers’ reimbursement. All projects which involve finances will be discussed at the committee meetings, and the decisions will be published on our site afterwards.

We plan to create a page on our site where parents will be able to see the financial status of the Centre.

3. Professionalism

We are trying to attract the best teachers of the Russian language to our school. All our teachers are professionals with teaching degrees and experience.
Professional development is essential for us.

4. Programs

Our educational program is constantly evolving in keeping with our students’ development. We tailor the school program to each student and combine it with the best practices from both Russian and Australian educational systems in order to achieve our goals.

5. Child Safe

WA Russian school is a child safe and friendly organisation that values the children of our community. The school understands that safety doesn’t just happen, and that there is a need for all members of the school community to play their part in ensuring a safe environment.

WA Russian school regularly reviews child safety practices and procedures to support:

  • positive interactions in the school and its community;
  • the development and maintenance of an environment that contributes to the overall healthy development of children;

Child safe practices and procedures help our students and staff engage positively and actively in the learning of Russian language and Russian culture.