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Birthday of our school and Harmony Week (21 of November 2020)

Dear friends!

This year we all had a lot of difficulties and a few holidays.


We decided to fill in the gaps and invite EVERYONE to celebrate the birthday of our school and Harmony Week that we had to postpone, but we never forgot about it.

Our school was founded by parents-activists back in 1993 and to this day has encouraged the study of the Russian language, Russian culture and other related disciplines. Over the years, the school has brought together people from many different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. At the moment adults and children from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Mongolia, China, the UK, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Russia.

We are glad to see everyone in our school, whole families and individuals. We are happy to unite cultures, countries and generations.


On November 21 let’s celebrate our diversity and the Russian language that unites us all. The celebrations will include a lot of music, dancing, fun games for children and parents prepared by our wonderful teachers, and lots of surprises!

Please come wearing your National Costumes. There will be a special prize for the best and most original costume! 

A special gift for all Perth residents will be multicultural performances from across the world. You will also be able to taste traditional dishes from different nations.


Let’s get together and celebrate! And don’t forget to invite your friends too!   


Our Birthday party at November 21, at 10.00 am at Neil McDougall Park in Como.



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