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Live Classics Teleconference

We make Live Classics happen

Thanks to the ‘Live Classics Foundation’, an important event took place in Perth on Sunday, December 8: the second Russia-Australia 2019 teleconference! This time, the Russian-speaking students from Perth and their parents were able to have a live chat with their peers from the Samara region.

At the “Little Theater” studio in Perth, students were able to discuss issues related to literature and the ‘Live Classics’ young readers competition, share interesting facts about their cities, make new friends and have a good time speaking Russian!

It turned out that children living in different countries have a lot in common: favourite childhood books, hobbies, interests and plans for the future. All this became clear during the teleconference.

Before the virtual meeting, certain preparation took place: all the participants brought postcards with their favourite quotes from literary works, which soon will travel across continents, and will end up in hands of new friends.

Especially valuable for the children were the words of “Little Theater” studio director Ksenia Arkhipova, who shared her knowledge and gave advice on how to prepare for the competition, chose the right piece of literature and about the mood that makes a winning and memorable performance.

All participants from Perth sincerely thank the ‘Live Classics Foundation’, the host of the teleconference, Daria Tsybulskaya, and the coordinator of the Australian competition, Andrei Kuzmin, for the opportunity to take part in this interesting project.
Let’s hope that the students will be able to meet in person in camp “Artek”.

Good luck to everyone taking part in the March contest.

Love for literature unites!

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